Constructive Edge is a global economic advisory firm that specializes in supporting industrial cooperation/offsets, and socio-economic advancement projects.

We provide services such as bid proposal, competitive business intelligence technology, commercial deal structuring, contract negotiations, and project risk assessment for clients in the areas of international defence, aerospace, civil energy, mining, and transport.



IntelEdge™ Competitive Business Intelligence Technology

Collection and analysis of surface, deep and dark web, social media and human sources – we uncover what others miss. We provide clients situational awareness and foresight, enabling informed decisions to seize opportunities and win campaigns.


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Client Industries

Aerospace and Defence

The global aerospace and defence industry must manage industrial cooperation, economic participation, offset programs and essential security interests. We bring an unparalleled breadth of global experience and connections to our clients, to support all aspects of strategy, bid preparation, project development, and program fulfiment.


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Civil Energy, Infrastructure, Mining, Transportation, and IT

Our partners have worked over the past 30 years on large public sector procurements in numerous countries and continents. We offer expertise in the area of economic industrial cooperation, bid and project evaluation and structuring, risk assessment, and regulatory frameworks.

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Constructive Edge Logo

We are a Canadian registered company with offices in Australia, Belgium, Canada, UK, USA and India.

We have a collective 170+ years of public sector project experience.


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