Strategy and Planning

If you find yourself already with an Industry Program commitment, Constructive Edge is able to assist you to quickly recognise the capabilities and limitations of your own organisation, and then work closely to develop external opportunities. We do so either through introductions to third parties with existing and applicable commercial activities, or we can provide you with in-house projects that have already been developed for this purpose.

Fighters in formation

Services include:

  • Simplification of an Industry Program policy
  • Analysis of political and economic risk in relation to Industry Program implementation
  • Development of a list of local partners that are politically and economically strategic to the government
  • Guidance on the management of the Industry Program including staffing requirements and in country support
  • Generation of compliant document templates for periodic reporting to the customer

PlanningThe key benefits for clients are:

  •   Develop business contacts with overseas markets
  •   Build customer relationships in target countries
  •   Mitigate the risk of non-performance penalties
  •   Repatriate funds allocated for Industry Programs implementation
  •   Retain market share against competitors
  •   Secure low-cost sources for products

It is never too late to begin planning.  

Constructive Edge ensures that all aspects of the project are tenable prior to providing any project opportunity to our clients for appraisal. We are committed to ensuring that our client delivers economic benefit that is recognisable, auditable, and will be to the satisfaction of the customer, so that our client is in the best possible position when they are being considered for future business.