Bid and Offer Assistance

Constructive Edge provides services and advice to develop and structure industrial cooperation, economic particpation and offset programs (generically "Industry Programs") that support a client's bid and/or tender response. Companies that plan well and include targetted and compliant Industry Programs in their offer documents will considerably improve their chances of winning the bid.  In many countries very particular requirements exist as part of the bidding process and Constructive Edge has considerable experience as part of winning teams on major programs in those countries.

Aerospace manufacturing facilityConstructive Edge has experience of working with clients in the development of a bid and offer multi-phased strategy and can assist companies:

  • A compliant Industry Program proposal
  • Contributions to key strategic discussions within the team and executive management as to “win strategies and themes”
  • Advice and guidance on political matters that can affect the Industry Program policy
  • Actual writing and editing of volumes in support of selected subject authors from within the client's organisation
  • Identifying and maximizing key local industry partners, managing major sub-contractor inputs and building a locally based supply chain to support/replace overseas arrangements.
  • Expert assistance on contracting structures, risk management and intellectual property issues. This will include briefing bid management on these strategic issues to feed into corporate management for bid sign-off. Can also include acting as temporary “Contracts Manager” for required surge effort.
  • Advice on cost to credit ratio on individual projects and as a whole
  • Contacts and support in developing non-core business projects
  • Transparent calculations to estimate economic value and credit value for the customer’s review


  • Enable the capture team to focus on the product sale
  • Avoid confusing rejections when Industry Program projects appear aligned with policy
  • Enable Industry Programs to be correctly budgeted internally
  • Create a diverse and interesting Industry Programs offer that positively differentiates our client from other bidders
  • Demonstrate the additional economic benefit generated through the Industry Programs proposal