Constructive Edge advises both governments and corporations globally.  We strive to identify and develop for our clients new commercial opportunities. We work in close cooperation to achieve a level of trust and responsibility that is necessary to successfully implement strategic projects in target countries.

Bridge over bayOur services include:


Structured Export Finance

Constructive Edge can develop enhanced financial terms and payment structures in cooperation with banks and other financial institutions that can facilitate new third party investment and creation of capital equipment exports under offset commitments.

Examples of industries where Constructive Edge has experience in developing structured finance solutions include:

  • Shipbuilding and repair
  • Automotive components and vehicles
  • Aero engine and air-frame components
  • Industrial capital equipment
  • Precious metals

Technology Transfer and Training

Working with technology partners, Constructive Edge develops technology transfer and training schemes with government institutes and universities for educational, R&D and commercial applications. Examples include:

  • High end software
  • Patented machining techniques
  • Workshops and on-the-job training