IntelEdge™ Custom Products, and Services

Fast Reaction Environmental Scanning Reports–To support clients with the need for rapid and comprehensive environmental awareness, Constructive Edge prepares up-to-the-moment Fast Reaction Intelligence Reports with prompt analysis of surrounding topics, fully annotated, with findings, conclusions and, when requested, recommendations for next steps.

Deep Dive In-depth Intelligence Reports–Constructive Edge uses a full range of global multi-source intelligence and resources to produce complete and in-depth Intelligence Reports. The timeframe may be from days to months, based on client requirements and the need for intelligence refresh.

Periodic Continuous Intelligence Briefs–Constructive Edge creates cost-effective, customized and highly focused Intelligence briefs, delivered by email according to your requirements and cadence. These may be supplemented by real time email alerts with breaking news or insight, as needed.


For more information about these and other custom services, please contact:

Tom Nolan, Partner Constructive Edge

P: 919-878-7888