Aerospace & Defence Sector

Constructive Edge handles industrial cooperation, economic participation, offset programs and essential security interests (generically "Industry Programs") for major participants in the aerospace and defence sector. We understand the unique needs of the global aerospace and defence industry and have excellent connections that assist in Industry Program implementation.

Our services include:

  • Development of an Industry Program strategy
  • Research and identification of local supply chain opportunities
  • Project proposal development
  • Negotiation, documentation and compliance
  • Indirect industrial benefit fulfillment
  • Post contract administration
  • In-house placements (secondments) on either short or long-term basis  



Sample projects

Constructive Edge can support you in managing a range of projects in a variety of countries. Here is a representative sample of the kinds of projects we support: 

Artificial Intelligence for Satellite Earth Observation Data (military and civil): Development of in-country capability to provide analytical capabilities on data sets for military and commercial applications. Includes a transfer of intellectual property, access to satellite data, training and exchange programme and ongoing partnership to respond to local military and security requirements.

Maritime Security Training Centre: Establishment of a facility to train personnel in anti-piracy, illegal fishing and onboarding of vessels at sea. Focusing on country specific requirements the facility would provide both classroom-based education and training at sea. If required, project partner could manage floating armoury for rapid response protection situations.

Structured Export Finance: We have developed a successful process, whereby anticipated procurements of eligible products from in country suppliers can be procured by Defence Contractors with obligations to that country. This trade finance structure offers a number of additional benefits to the end user as it frees up internal finance for other requirements but does not impact their delivery schedules nor create additional risk thereby facilitating the sale. Our clients do not take any financial or handling risk by becoming the buyer of record.

Military Medical Training Facility: Provision of a military asset to deliver medical training with simulation equipment. Purpose is to create a localised level of competency to respond to highly stressful and intense medical emergencies. As well as military battlefield training the facility includes participants from law enforcement, fire prevention, first responders and paramedics to bring together the emergency teams to work in unison to provide a highly realistic situation in which medical professionals can learn to provide diagnosis and treatment under highly unusual circumstances. Additional treatment facilities can be provide in relation to providing remote healthcare to isolated communities.

Electronic Warfare Training and Competencies: Globally, many countries are finding it difficult to cope with the interconnectivity of weapon platforms and operational demands. Electronic warfare is a common thread throughout the modern-day military operations. Understand how to procure and maintain systems is critical to effective application of resources. We have highly specialised electronic warfare teams that can provide discreet training and long-term support for industry, procurement entities and operators to be able to secure, maintain and operate equipment in a complex multi-platform environment.

SME Defence Fund: We have a highly developed funding structure that can be established in most countries and that is regulated by local financial requirements. The managed fund can enable unrestricted lending to government approved SMEs with strategic technologies for the purpose of commercialisation of technology and sales. The return on investment is reinvested back into the fund. Once established, defence obligors are able to liquidate a pre-agreed value of credits in proportion to the payment into the fund.

Aircraft MRO facilities: Ability to establish a military and/or civil airframe and engine parts facility for just-in-time delivery of components to ensure aircraft maintain operational capability. Facility provides future maintenance scheduling and off-balance sheet inventory in a secure facility maintaining strictest data integrity standards. Reducing costs and increasing mission capability.

Ballistic Missile Defence Training: Provision of an Advanced Research Centre (ARC) that will include capabilities for system development, integration and testing, operator training and as needed periodic upgrades and maintenance. The ARC will conduct platform and system interoperability as well as include capabilities for system development, integration and testing, operator training and as needed periodic upgrades and maintenance.

Cyber Range and Cyber Academy: Cyber ranges function like shooting or kinetic ranges, facilitating training in weapons, operations or tactics. Cyber-warriors and IT professionals train, develop and test cyber range technologies to ensure consistent operations and readiness for real world deployment. The Cyber Range and Academy Serve militaries in six functional areas:  Cyber Security Engineering, Cyber Security Test Range, Cyber Security Operations, Cyber Security Institute for Training and Education, Legacy Systems Support and Computer and Data Center.

Defence Public Procurement Education and Training: Ideal for large corporate teams and government departments tasked with strategic procurement programs. Constructive Edge and our globally recognised training partner offer tailored courses at its own facilities in Washington DC or in-country. Courses cover the institutional, legal, financial and procedural issues involved in the procurement of goods and services by public entities and discuss reform programs to improve transparency, efficiency and accountability. Other topics include project management, risk management, and supply chain management (including planning, strategic sourcing, logistics, and fulfilment management).

Defence Engineering and Training Centres: Creation of a number of technical engineering centres focused on building skills relevant to local industry requirements. Using latest engineering technology, from augmented reality and high-end software simulation, we create courses based on an in-depth sector assessment and stated company requirements. Our apprenticeship model creates a digital platform whereby defence sector.