Aerospace and Defence

Our skill sets allow us to go into a country and identify and structure socio-economic projects in ways that will leverage the procurement budget to benefit the “buyer” economy and its constituents. We can pro-actively create an environment that encourages targeted and incremental commercial investment and commitment in ways that are WTO compliant. We have the personnel and skills that enable us to advise specifically on the area of economic-industrial cooperation, bid and project evaluation and structuring, risk assessment, and regulatory frameworks.

Civil Energy, Infrastructure, Mining & Transport

We have a particular focus on how to motivate and lead corporations to leverage their socio-economic advantage, to deliver better projects in the countries in which they seek to work. To us this means pushing clients to deliver greater positive outcomes for more stakeholders, bringing economic benefits to the communities in which they operate and, indirectly, to the government customers with whom they contract. At the same time they can measure these outcomes against their own Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) targets and shareholder expectations.