Aerospace & Defence Sector

ShipyardConstructive Edge handles industrial cooperation, economic participation, offset programs and essential security interests as found in Directive 2009/81/EC (generically "Industry Programs") for major participants in the aerospace and defence sector. We understand the unique needs of the global aerospace and defence industry and have excellent connections that assist in Industry Program implementation.

Our services include:

  • Development of an Industry Program strategy
  • Research and identification of local supply chain opportunities
  • Project proposal development
  • Negotiation, documentation and compliance
  • Indirect industrial benefit fulfillment
  • Post contract administration
  • In-house placements (secondments) on either short or long-term basis  

Bid & Offer Services

Constructive Edge works with its clients to develop and manage multi-phased bid strategies. We have managed teams which have successfully negotiated and structured complex defence contracts, intellectual property programs and approved Industry Programs in many countries. These involved contract responsibility for programs in the range of $200m to $5b and required management of complex contracting solutions, major cross-border investments, government interactions and senior executive negotiations across multiple cultures. Constructive Edge can provide insights into the legal, commercial and financial features of government procurement tenders, the underlying intellectual property and technology transfer issues.

Services Include:

  • Prior to RFT issuance – Research local industry opportunities, develop industry engagement strategies, demonstrate engagement and market testing. Provide strategic advice and help prepare bid response logistics and resourcing.
  • Immediately RFT issues - Assist bid managers in breaking out the key requirements in the RFT documentation and setting clear tasks for company allocated authors to start working on. Help structure the response timetable and framework, document templates, and protocols.
  • Over the entire RFT response period - Assist bid managers in pulling the RFT response together.
  • Actual writing and editing of volumes in support of selected subject authors from within the company.
  • Identifying and maximizing key local industry partners, managing major sub-contractor inputs and building a locally based supply chain to support/replace overseas arrangements.
  • Contributing to key strategic discussions within the team and executive management as to “win strategies and themes”.
  • Expert assistance on contracting structures, risk management and intellectual property issues. This will include briefing bid management on these strategic issues to feed into corporate management for bid sign-off. Can also include acting as temporary “Contracts Manager” for required surge effort.

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Industry Program Strategy, Planning, & Management

Increasingly, Industry Programs stratgey is playing an important role in the business development of companies with a global outlook. It can be a critical tool for business capture managers when marketing their products to foreign governments under a competitive bid. Constructive Edge recognises that over the past 15 years Industry Programs have become recognised by both industry and governments as a key differentiator in the bidding process. Companies that plan their Industry Programs or socio-economic strategies well in advance of making a formal bid will improve their chances of winning. A clear strategy that embraces Industry Programs in manner that meets the real needs of a buyer can be a decisive element to success.

We can augment your business development team enabling it to expand its capabilities and resources as needs arise.

Services include:

  • Refinement of an Industry Program policy with focus on critical strategic elements.
  • Analysis of political and economic risk in relation to Industry Program implementation
  • Developing a list of strategic local partners that are politically and economically relevant to the government
  • Assistance with the development of an Industry Program proposal for submission in the bid package
  • Guidance on the management of the Industry Program including staffing requirements and in country support
  • Generation of compliant document templates for periodic reporting to the customer

The key benefits that Constructive Edge clients enjoy:

  •   Compete more effectively for government contracts
  •   Develop new business contacts with overseas markets
  •   Build high level customer relationships in target countries
  •   Mitigate risk of non-performance penalties
  •   Repatriate funds allocated for offset implementation
  •   Retain market share against competitors
  •   Secure low-cost sources for products

Constructive Edge is able to assist you to to quickly recognise the capabilities and limitations of your own organisation and then work closely to develop external opportunities, either through introductions to third parties with existing and applicable commercial activities or can provide you with in-house projects that have already been developed for this purpose.


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Industry Program Project Management

Constructive Edge is a company that develops Industry Program projects that are either tailor-made to fit into a client’s  program or to support a country’s Industry Program policy strategy by targeting the policy’s primary focus. We execute the project in conjunction with our client who wishes to finance the cost of the project implementation.


Constructive Edge can provide full management services of the project. These include:

  • Presentation to our client for review and compliance testing
  • Arranging meetings between all parties to discuss strategy and agree an implementation plan
  • Development of project to be presented by our client to the customer for formal pre-approval
  • Liaise with in-country beneficiaries to prepare for implementation and, as required, the government Industry Program authority
  • Contiguous management of tasks and documentation as the project is implemented
  • Preparation of reports and updates for periodical meetings with the customer
  • Completion appraisal and reporting

Constructive Edge ensures that all aspects of the project are tenable prior to providing any project opportunity to our clients for appraisal. We are committed to ensuring that our client delivers socio-economic benefit that is recognisable, auditable and will be to the satisfaction of the customer, so that our client is in the best possible position when they are being considered for future business.

The benefits enable the capture team to:

  • Focus on the product sale
  • Avoid rejections from the customer when Industry Program projects are not aligned with policy
  • Enable Industry Programs to be correctly budgeted internally
  • Create a diverse and interesting Industry Program offer that positively differentiates our client from other bids
  • Demonstrate to the customer the additional economic benefit generated through the Industry Program offer