Neil Rutter

Neil is based in the USA but currently specializes in Canadian offset (ITB and VP) and defence procurement. He was GM of Textron Systems Canada Inc. (TSCI) from 2011 to 2017. He had been in International Business Development (IBD) and Offset in Textron Systems’ (MA – 2002-2008). He was responsible for all Textron Systems’ offset obligations for all its business units.  He was able to introduce Textron’s armoured vehicles to the Canadian Army before leaving Textron to become President of Blenheim’s US company in DC (2009-2011).

Neil was brought back to Textron to set up TSCI to pursue the Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle competition in Canada, which Textron won in 2012 with a corresponding offset obligation ($600M). In 2015, Neil along with other offset experts  established the Industrial Participation Association of Canada (IPAC) to reflect the obligors’ viewpoint, where he was the first and current Chair.

Neil has continued to advise several companies on bids for Canadian defence procurements, including the ITB and Value Proposition requirements.

Neil is a licensed lawyer in Ontario, Canada and New York, USA and is a graduate of New York University’s School of Law (LL.M. in international law), the University of Windsor, Faculty of Law (LL.B. or J.D.) and Queen’s University (B.A. Hon.) He attended university on a military scholarship program and served in the Canadian Army as an artillery officer before law school.