Gray Hammond

Gray is a strategic associate in our Civil Sector practice. He’s worked extensively on our training programs. He ensured the Community Engagement portion of the Union Fenosa Wind Australia bid interlocked with the Economic Benefits requirement. Gray has been a strong advocate of Socio Economic Advancement as a way to bolster a company's competitive position in public bids, especially infrastructure projects. This includes the use of community benefits agreements. Gray lead the writing team for a paper commissioned by the Canadian Council of Public Private Partnerships and published in 2021 on the history and current application of community benefits agreements in Canada for P3 projects, but generally their use on other projects.

Gray is also a strong proponent on the use of social media to advance a company's profile and built a strong following for Constructive Edge's Twitter account.

Gray has four decades of experience in marketing research, communications, and consulting, for governments and multinationals, on projects spanning North America, Europe, and Asia. He attends conferences and liaises regularly with experts in P3’s, procurement, social innovation and impact investment. He obtained his BA in Economics and MBA at Western University.