Why Constructive Edge

There has previously existed in the offset marketplace a disparate group of predominantly small, independent players who provided various services to global aerospace and defence companies which are required to deliver offset programs to government customers. The business has been almost 100% defence and aerospace based and relied on established personal connections or a perceived single country based focus. 

But as Industry Program policies have become more sophisticated the need is for a professional services approach that can deliver a larger “one-stop-shop” service.  â€‹Constructive Edge has the size, reach and range of skills that address this need and also other strategic issues including:

  • Transparency - The Foreign Corrupt Practice Act of the United States, the UK Bribery Act and similar laws in other countries require greater transparency in the way solutions are structured and a greater level of “professional services” mentality from the advisory firm.
  • Recognition that compensation models are changing from primarily success fees to utilising retainers, flatter project fees and other transparent value costing mechanisms. 
  • Augmenting in-house expertise and functions to achieve cost efficiencies by using qualified external service providers embedded within project teams, and driving lower cost-per-dollar credit fulfillment.
  • Sourcing increased sophistication from service providers with an array of skills. At Constructive Edge our skills include expertise in investment banking, cross border transactions, intellectual property rights, project finance and trade finance within a single organization.

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