Socio-Economic Advantage™

When tendering and purchasing, governments seek Socio-Economic Advancement™ for their constituents.  These “asks” may not always be formal or visible. They apply at all levels: national, state or province, and municipal.

Smart companies incorporate this expectation or requirement into their business development, market entry strategies and government bids.  Recent contract awards in several sectors prove this: resource extraction, construction, energy, telecommunications, transportation and defence.

Constructive Edge is the practical process that enables companies bidding on government contracts to deliver  Socio-Economic Advantage™ in a way that creates an edge over their competition, important in an era where product and service offerings are being increasingly commoditized.

Companies benefit in several ways:

  • Land more business.  Worldwide, the trend in winning government bids shows the need to include Socio-Economic Advancement™.
  • Improve cash flow velocity.  A bid that “ticks all the boxes” will be approved faster.
  • Improve PR and CSR.  Many companies are already “doing good” but  need to communicate this better.

A company’s extended network of subsidiaries, suppliers, sub-contractors and other stakeholders – what we call its “SEAcosystem™” – can be viewed as one key asset in creating your Socio-Economic Advantage™.  By simply ensuring – and showing – that employers in the buying jurisdiction are part of your supply chain, you can be a proactive bidder.  Partnering with NGO’s or philanthropists who are active in the region can also extend your SEAcosystem™.

Companies have an array of choices to access Constructive Edge’s expertise:

  • A two-hour executive briefing at your office
  • A one-day management seminar, at your office or off-site
  • A two-day intensive course, at your office or off-site
  • Consulting
  • Training for your global sales department
  • Participation as part of bid and proposal teams
  • Temporary executive placement at your office

Constructive Edge is a unit of C&I Projects Inc., a global Offset & Countertrade consultancy with 25 years of experience.
Our clients include several of the world’s largest multinationals.


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